One Vegetable, One Community

The Duluth Community Garden Program started the One Vegetable, One Community initiative in 2011 to rally the community around growing and eating a featured vegetable each year.

The vegetable of the year is elected at DCGP's annual Harvest Dinner Potluck in October. The selected vegetable is revealed on New Years Day.

The 2024 Vegetable of the Year 

is CORN!

Artist: Oliver Hurley, Duluth East Student

Graphic Designer: Ruka Jager, Duluth East Student

The One Vegetable One Community (OVOC) Program was created in 2011 to build community around educating, growing, and eating a featured vegetable each year. Selections are voted on during an annual fall Harvest Dinner. This year's selection was nominated by Anastasia Bamford.

Each spring, OVOC and Duluth Farm-to-School collaborate to create and distribute a Vegetable-of-the-Year lesson to over 1,000 2nd Grade students across Duluth Public Schools that aligns with their ‘Parts of a Plant’ learning standard. Corn provides an opportunity to teach on the cultural and social aspects of food, students will also learn about their excellent nutritional value and will gain important hands-on experience planting seeds. 

Another boon of the OVOC program is the distribution of free seeds to the community. You can find the Duluth Community Garden Program tabling at the Duluth Farmers Market in early spring, giving away free seeds and expert gardening advice. The year’s selections are heirloom varieties suited for our northern climate. While they last, these seeds will also be available in our four Little Free Seed Libraries across the city. 

If you're interested in learning more, follow the Duluth Community Garden Program on Facebook and Instagram. We'll share advice on selecting varieties, planting, harvesting, storing, cooking, and preserving your precious bounty.

OVOC was made possible in 2023 by funding from the Lloyd K Johnson Foundation. If you’d like to donate to DCGP, please click on this link .

Contact: Haley Diem, Duluth Community Garden Program (DCGP) Education and Outreach Coordinator 

Past Vegetables of the Year: 



2021 - PEAS




2017 - ONIONS

2016 - CARROTS


2014 - BEANS

2013 - SQUASH

2012 - BEETS

2011 - KALE