Apple Press Rental

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Apple Press Rentals are closed for 2022, check back with us in September 2023!

Rent our Apple Press!

Available in September and October.

Help support DCGP programing and make some delicious local cider while you're at it. 48-hour rental of handcrafted, hand cranked apple press, turn bar, mesh bag, buckets, and mechanical electric apple grinder.

$30.00 for DCGP members and gardeners

$45.00 for non-members

Payments will be made through the website with Paypal or credit card (at the bottom of this page under the registration form) or mail a check to the office.

Please note the apple press and grinder are large pieces of equipment and will not fit in small cars, plan on having a larger vehicle such as a hatchback, SUV, or truck. Also, you will need at least two people to move it.

Renter Guidelines for 2022

Staff will give you directions for pick-up and drop-off closer to the date of your reservation. In the past, we have had renters come to the office to get the apple press. This year you will pick up the apple press from the last person who rented it if there is someone renting right before you (there are often two renters in a weekend as that is when there is the highest demand, and staff are typically not working, so this makes it logistically easier). You will get the last renter’s contact information in order to make an easy and socially distant exchange. If there isn't a renter right before you, staff will meet you where the apple press is stored for pick-up/drop-off.

  • Make sure you have all the parts(shredder, apple press, two buckets, funnel, stave ring and ring bag, wood press plate, aluminum press plate bearing, wood turning bar).

  • Have a family member or friend with you to help move the equipment

  • Do your best to make a zero contact exchange. For example, you can put the press on your porch or drive-way just before the arranged time the next renter is coming by. The next renter can load the equipment into their car at your drive-way.

  • Please make sure that the equipment isn’t left unattended for extended periods of time.

Call 218.722.4583 or email for more information.