Business Sponsorship

DCGP is now accepting Business Sponsorships!

One powerful way we sustain our program and promote local food is by deepening our relationships with local businesses and community organizations. The full cost of maintaining each garden plot for DCGP is about $200. We charge garden plot fees on a sliding scale based on income and family size, from $0-200 annually, as it is important to us to keep garden plots accessible to everyone that wishes to garden. About 70% of our gardeners receive a plot subsidy, which means that we need to ask for additional financial support to ensure that we continue to offer high quality garden spaces and programming, while keeping our gardens accessible. We invite you to partner with us!

The Duluth Community Garden Program offers four annually renewable sponsorship options that we invite you to consider:

Below is an idea of the type of support your contribution may provide at each level:

Seed Starter ($500 contribution level):

  • 2.5 plots fully subsidized for gardeners with low-incomes

  • 16 cubic yards of compost (enough for about 8 garden plots)

  • Builds two compost bin systems

Garden Grower ($2000 contribution level):

  • Builds two rainwater catchment systems

  • Covers our insurance for the year

Harvest Hero ($5000 contribution level):

  • Builds a chain-link fence for a small garden

  • Pays salaries for two seasonal Communal Garden Managers

Community Cultivator ($10,000 contribution level):

  • Covers all office rent for the year

  • Repairs the road at Cook Home Community Garden

  • Provides OVOC Coordinator salary and educational supplies for two seasons

Another impactful option is to support the Duluth Community Garden Program through an in-kind sponsorship by offering our members and/or gardeners discounts or perks at your business or by donating in-kind goods or services such as marketing or advertising services, printing services, food donations for events, and/or garden services, tools and materials. You can also support us by offering discounts to your business for DCGP members.

As a thank you for your support, you will receive the sponsor benefits indicated in the infographic above.

If you have any questions or would like to become a sponsor, please contact Megan Wylder, Program Manager: