Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteers of the Year

Each year DCGP recognizes volunteers who go above and beyond for Duluth Community Garden Program.

Do you have someone to nominate for DCGP's volunteer of the year? Email us to nominate a fellow DCGP volunteer!


Steve Karels

Steve wears many hats at DCGP. He is a member of the Board, sits on the Land Stewardship Committee, and is a site coordinator at our Cook Home garden. He is also an exceptional volunteer, going above and beyond on a regular basis, including tilling, garlic production, and numerous other volunteer activities.

Thanks for all the hard work, Steve!

Past Volunteers of the Year


Anastasia Bamford

Outstanding Site Coordinator Commitment

A long time gardener and site coordinator of Apple Tree Circle, Anastasia works hard for DCGP. She also buys the seeds and helps out at the Plant and Seed Sale every year.

Marian Syrjamaki-Kutcha

Garlic Queen

Marian has been a long time volunteer and help with DCGP. Marian came up with idea of planting garlic on a larger scale and has continued to work hard planting, taking care of, and harvesting the garlic.

Malachy Koons

Super Volunteer

Malachy has been a super volunteer with DCGP for 2018! Although he wasn't earning any education credit, he volunteered with DCGP every Tuesday and Thursday helping out in the gardens and around the office. His help has made a huge impact on DCGP!


Lucie Holzemer

Lucie has been a long time volunteer with DCGP! Every year she helps organize volunteers for the Plant and Seed Sale. She also comes into the office frequently to help with administrative tasks. Every bit makes a huge difference, Lucie - thank you!