Garlic Sale

2022 seed garlic is sold out! Thanks to everyone that purchased some! Check back with us in September 2023 for our next round of seed garlic. In the meantime, you can read about our varieties below.

Hardneck Varieties

- Closer to wild garlic than softneck varieties

- Complex flavors

- Shorter shelf life than softneck varieties

- Produce scapes (edible stems that need to be pruned mid-summer)

- Better suited to colder climates

- Produce 4 to 12 cloves

  • Brown Tempest - (Purple Stripe) Initial hot taste that mellows to a pleasing garlicky finish. A great roasting garlic. Brown Tempest produces purple marked bulbs with 5-7 plump, light brown cloves with a rosy blush. Stores well.

  • Chesnok Red - (Purple Stripe) Chesnok Red holds shape and retains flavor when cooked. Great choice for baking with a creamy texture, tastes sweet, and is used to make garlic ice cream! Produces very large bulbs that average 9 to 10 easy to peel cloves.

  • Cook Home Hardy - Well, it looks too good not to pass it on! We think it was German Extra Hardy, but our grower lost track a few years back. If you’re a serious collector, you may take a pass. If you want good, reliable garlic and aren’t too picky about provenance, give this one a try!

  • Georgian Fire - (Porcelain) Described by chefs as a truly "white hot" garlic. Raw taste is strong with a hotness that is not at all unpleasant. Great for salsa and salads. 4-6 cloves per bulb. Produces thick, sturdy, flavorful scapes.

  • German Extra Hardy (sold out for 2020) - (Porcelain) Strong raw flavor, high sugar content, and not too hot. One of the very best for roasting. 4-5 very large cloves per bulb. Outside skin is ivory-white, but the skin covering the cloves is dark red.

  • Mike’s Hardneck - Variety cultivated by DCGP gardener and retired farmer Mike Olund.

  • Music - (Porcelain) A Minnesota growers favorite with excellent yields and cold tolerance. Large bulbs with 4-6 easy to peel pink skinned cloves per bulb. Excellent flavor good for pestos and sauces. This variety is not a long keeper; stores well for up to 6 months.

  • Phillips Rocambole - (Rocambole) Medium-sized, easy-to-peel cloves with a mild garlic flavor, and slight sweetness.

  • Zemo - (Porcelain) A spicy garlic flavor with moderate heat. 2–6 cloves per bulb. Late harvest. Stores 5 months.

Softneck Varieties

- Excellent storage, average 6-8 month shelf life

- Typically milder flavor

- Softer stems conducive to braiding

- Tend not to "bolt" or produce scapes

- Produce 10 to 40 cloves

  • Chamiskuri - (Artichoke) A good storage garlic from the Republic of Georgia. Large bulbs with 10-15 cloves per head. Rich flavored and pungent, and stores until mid-winter.

  • Mike's Northland Softneck - Variety cultivated by DCGP gardener and retired farmer Mike Olund.

  • Oregon Blue - (Artichoke) A maritime Northwest heirloom with good yields and good storage qualities. 10-12 cloves per bulb. Light purple tint on the bulb wrappers. Artichoke types store well for about 8 months. Nice spicy flavor is good raw or baked.

  • Silver Rose Softneck - Rose-colored cloves in very smooth, bright white bulbs. Beautiful for braiding; one of the longest storing garlics and very fast growing. Approx. 12-15 cloves per bulb.

  • Thermadrone - (Artichoke) Long keeping bulbs with a mild taste prized for French cooking. Produces 23-20 cloves per bulb. This variety does not like wet feet (water-logged soil).

Not Garlic Varieties!

  • Elephant (Allium ameloprasum) - While Elephant garlic is not a true garlic - it is actually related to leeks - it is cultivated in the same manner. The large size makes it fun to grow and easy to use. The flavor is mild, so if you are a strong garlic lover, plan to use it like an onion rather than garlic.