Work Bee Schedule

Thank you for your interest in volunteering!

There are currently no Work Bees scheduled for the winter months. Check back in April for dates and locations of 2020 Work Bees.

What is a Work Bee?

A Work Bee is a DCGP volunteer event at one of DCGP’s over 20 gardens, typically doing garden maintenance.

Work Bees have a fascinating history. In the past, gathering people together to build or create something that someone could not achieve on their own was called a communal work or a communal bee. This allowed members of the community to come together to build or create something while also be a social gathering. Today DCGP calls volunteer events "Work Bees" to signify a gathering of people to build or create while also socializing and getting to know more members of the community.

Bi-Weekly Work Bees

DCGP will be hosting a Work Bee every two weeks at a rotating garden location in 2020. Work Bees will start in May. Check back in then to see the dates and locations of those events. Evening Work Bees will last a few hours depending on sunlight and how much work needs to be done. Be sure to dress for the weather, wear sturdy closed toed shoes, bring a reusable water bottle, and be prepared to get dirty. Call the office, check the website, or DCGP facebook page to verify the location and check for cancellations in inclement weather.

Still want to volunteer in our office?

Contact Kelsie at to coordinate.