Gardener Packet

Please find the 2020 Gardener Packet below!

Gardeners should read through this information so they are in the know about DCGP policy before they dig into their plots.

Below you can find the following documents:

  1. 2020 Gardener Expectations
  2. 2020 Organization Expectations
  3. Important Dates
  4. DCGP Compost Guide
  5. DCGP Work-Pay Program
  6. Service Hours: Why it Matters
  7. DCGP Garden Scoring Rubric
  8. Common Pests and Diseases
  9. Kicking Clubroot

Check back in later to see the 2020 plot fee chart and the 2020 Important Dates including the Work Bee schedule.

Gardeners must attend a gardener orientation to receive and sign their gardener contract agreeing to the "Expectations" document below.

2020 Gardener Expectations Document
2020 DCGP Expectations Document
2020 DCGP Important Dates
DCGP Compost Guide
Work-Pay Program 2020
2019 Service Hours: Why It Matters
Garden Scoring Rubric
2019 Common Pests and Diseases
Clubroot One-Pager