One Vegetable, One Community

The Duluth Community Garden Program started the One Vegetable, One Community initiative in 2011 to rally the community around growing and eating a featured vegetable each year.

The vegetable of the year is elected at DCGP's annual Harvest Dinner Potluck in October. The selected vegetable is revealed on New Years Day.

The 2021 Vegetable of the Year is PEAS!

Poster design by East High School student Emma Ambrosi

A Poem by

Duluth Poet Laureate 2018-2020,

Gary Boelhower

Vegetable of the Year 2021

I plant the seeds in early Spring

when the soil is still cold to the touch

and nights still shiver with frost

when the sun is just beginning to whisper

its promises of summer green gardens.

This is the seed that grows a family

and builds a home just the right size

to keep the whole clan safe and sound.

This is the wise vegetable of the pandemic

teaching about safety and spread, distance and togetherness.

This is the vegetable that creates worlds

sweet planets, galaxies of heavenly orbs

with names like Tom Thumb and Half Pint

Green Arrow and Tall Telephone

Mr. Big and Little Marvel.

Bush and climbing with blossoms

of white, pink, purple.

Snow, snap, sugar.

Make your porridge hot or make your porridge cold.

Make this soup in your biggest pot.

Split or whole is sure to please

as you eat the ancient, common, nutritious peas.

Thank you, Gary, for contributing to this year's and last year's Vegetable of the Year celebration!

Would you like to nominate the next vegetable of the year?

Vegetables are selected that:

  • Grow well in Duluth's climate

  • Store well given our limited growing season

  • Educate the public and expand knowledge about less known vegetables

  • Increase food access and healthy eating

Attend DCGP's Harvest Dinner in October to nominate and vote for the next Vegetable of the Year!

Past Vegetables of the Year:




2017 - ONIONS

2016 - CARROTS


2014 - BEANS

2013 - SQUASH

2012 - BEETS

2011 - KALE